v5.4.6 - 10/17/12

  • added keyboard shortcut for increasing multi-pixel averaging
  • increased pixel finder in magnified view when using multi-pixel averaging. Try plus / minus on the numeric keypad

v5.4.5 - 10/24/07

  • added Clarion Hex support
  • added arrow key support while eyedropping or magnifying
  • added multi-pixel average sampling 3x3 - 31x31

v5.4.2 - 09/18/06

  • added Put cursor over Eyedropper on startup feature
  • fixed mimimize on startup so that is doesn't flash when starting

v5.4.1 - 09/15/06

  • settings files are now stored in the Application Data directory

v5.4 - 09/03/06

  • new icon created by Raul Matei
  • changed the location of .dat/.bmp
  • updated the domain used in the urls

v5.3 - 02/23/03

  • Detect Websafe - Displays whether the selected color is websafe or not
  • Allow Multiple Instances - It's now possible to set that only one instance of color cop can run at once
  • RGB Float mode - outputs the selected color in R/255,G/255,B/255 (0.47,0.47,1.00) someone is using this with a 3D program called Renderman. Alt+[ will decrease float precision and Alt+] will increate float precision.
  • RGB Int mode - outputs the selected color in in R,G,B (128,255,64)
  • Relative position measurements - Press the control key while eyedropping and the coordinates will be set to zero (0,0). Drag the mouse to a new location and it will display the distance relative to the point you were over when you pressed control. If you press control again it will zero (0,0) Note that the measurement is zero-based.
  • Magnify while eyedropping - With this option selected, you can magnify while you are eyedropping. A small black square will appear to show you the location of the cursor.

v5.2 - 11/23/02

  • added convert to grayscale
  • added the ability to click on the magnified area to select a color

v5.1.3 - 02/16/02

  • added persistent magnifier bitmap
  • shift F10 simulates right click to bring up the options menu
  • added the options menu tot he system menu for keyboard access

v5.0.1 - 07/28/01

  • added a windows help file. press F1
  • fixed plus/minus button sensitivity
  • fixed about dialog problem

v5.0 - 07/22/01

v4.0 - 05/17/00

v3.6 - 02/20/00

v3.5 - 11/11/99

v3.0 - 10/01/99

v2.2 - 09/24/99

v2.0 - 08/22/99

v1.0 - 08/15/99